BOX 2.0 Art and Architecture in CollaborationPublished 2005

98 pages (danish and english edition)
Published 2005 in connection with the art project ”Box 2.0” – a colaboration between artists and architechts, Copenhagen.
Editorial Board: Gitte Johannesen, Ruth Campau, Michael Mørk
Graphic design: Åse Eg Jørgensen
Translation: Regitze Marianne Hess
Photo: Anders Sune Berg, Torben Eskerod and more
Press: Winther Garfik
Publisher: Architectural Magazine B, Copenhagen
ISBN:  87-990146-3-7 (danish)
87-990146-4-5 (english)

Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup: 
En engel kigger ind i stuen / An Angel Peers Into the Room 
Trine Møller Madsen: 
Nye veje ? / New Ways ?
Peter Thule Kristensen:
Arkitektur som kunststof / Architecture as Artistic Matter

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