Something In The Way We Move

Copenhagen Airports
LOCATION : Cph Airports
David Stjernholm, Københavns Lufthavn Mads Aarmgaard, Ruth Campau

Large-scale painting / installation
Acrylic, acrylic plate, mirror 
280 m x 6 m 



Something In The Way We Move by Ruth Campau is a monumental site-specific painting that stretches 280 meters between Gates B and C in the Terminal area of Copenhagen Airport. The artwork is one of the largest paintings ever made in Denmark. 


By its very nature the contemporary airport is always in a state of flux, growing with the times and therefore under construction. Created on location within a large studio space provided to Ruth Campau by the CPH Airport. Something In The Way We Move is an artwork that dynamically changes in accordance with the expansion of CPH until the new terminal is ready in 2028. Through its chromatic spectrum, the artwork tells a poetic story about the airport’s evolution while guaranteeing passers-by a vibrant new experience with every phase of the construction process. 


Ruth Campau (b. 1955) is known for creating ambitious large-scale paintings that redefine our sense of architecture. She works with abstract painting, where color, space and process are her materials. The artist draws the viewer in close to her characteristic, long, vertical strokes, which she applies with her signature brushwork. Campau lives and works in Copenhagen. Her work is represented in several private and public collections, including ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, and Malmö Art Museum. In 2020, Campau received the lifelong honorary grant from the Danish Arts Foundation for her persistent and extensive work. 


Something In The Way We Move has been realized by Copenhagen Airports in collaboration with Creator Projects and ZESO Architects.