2000 – 2005

Studies in Art History at the Open University, Copenhagen


Became a member of the Danish Artists’ Society


Became a member of Grønningen artists-collective association

2006 - 2009

Art consultant and member (appointed by the Academy Council) of the advisory committee of UBST/The Danish University and Property Agency (appointed by the Academy Council)

2009 - 2010

Art consultant for the Municipality of Guldborgsund’s new business center in Eskilstrup, Denmark (appointed by The Danish Arts Foundation)

2005 - 2011

Member of the Danish Academy Council and Danish Artist’s Society’s Jury (chairman 2008-2011)

2011 - 2017

Member of The Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts

2013 - 2017

Member of The Academy Counsil

2017 -

Boardmember at the Institute of Contemporary Art OVERGADEN, Copenhagen

2020 -

Boardmember at Grønningen artists-collective association